About Us

Vision and Mission


Eminence is a renowned importer of advanced medical devices and top-quality healthcare products from the world's leading technological countries. With a steadfast commitment to our company philosophy of "The Promise of Health," we strive to deliver exceptional healthcare solutions that elevate the standard of care for the Thai people.


"Innovation leader within the medical industry offering 
a comprehensive healthcare solution"


Strive to continuously develop new products and innovations to satisfy the demands of our customers

Improve collaborations with our business partners and expand our distribution channels to maximize market coverage including domestic and international markets

Continue to develop and enhance the standard of our customer service at every touch point to create a delightful consumer experience

Cultivate an agile and modernized mindset across organization 

Conduct our business operations with a steadfast dedication towards social and environmental responsibilities to achieve sustainable growth


“The Promise of Health”



Eminence Limited Partnership was established in 1971 by Mr. Arin Achariyasuja. Eminence is a trading company which has been importing medical supplies and manufacturing from the world's leading technological manufacturer countries. We always select the premier quality products and professional after-sales service that aim to satisfy needs of everyone.




EMINENCE was established on 14 July 1971 by Mr. Arin Achariyasuja. Eminence is a trading company which has been importing medical devices and machineries from the world's leading technological countries. Our vision is to be “Your trustworthy partner in the healthcare industry” by providing high-quality solution and reliable after-sales service to maximize customer satisfaction.


Eminence’s business portfolio consists of five business units: Dental, Medical, Healthcare, Pharma and Safety. We are authorized exclusive distributor of over 25 partners. All business units have their own after-sales service team to be capable to effectively support the customers whenever they need to ensure the customers have the best experiences from our products and services.


Moreover, Eminence focuses on developing employee potential to build more skilled and professional team as well as fostering the company culture to take care each other as a family.


With 50 years of experiences, Eminence has run the business based on honesty and accountability to build and maintain trust and credibility with all stakeholders such as customers, employees, partners and society to deliver the company philosophy of 

“The Promise of Health”.



Delivering on our Promise of Health for over 50 years

Eminence is committed to run the business based on honesty and accountability to customers,

partners, employees, and society.


Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for the Thai people by providing access to the latest and greatest medical technologies and products.

Over 50-Year Experience

Eminence has committed to run business based on honesty and reliability for over 50 years,that builds trust and credibility with customers and staffs.