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Liquid detector tube

Liquid Detector Tube

Liquid Detector Tube
    Dissolved substances in solution can be measured by simply immersing
    a Gastec Dissolved Substance Detector Tube (with both ends broken)
    into a solution,with directional arrow pointing upward,
    the solution will rise up through the tube due to capillary action
    and react with the reagent in the tube.
    Tubes are available for measuring Sulphide Ion (S2-),
    Chloride Ion (Cl-), Mercury (Hg), Iron Ion (Fe2+),
    Copper ion (Cu2+), Zinc (Zn), Nickel (Ni),
    Chromium (VI) Ion (Cr6+), Ozone (O3),
    dissolved in water. Place the sample
    water in a container. Break off both ends of the detector tube
    and immerse.The sample water is drawn into the tube by capillary action.
    * Adjustment of pH is required when measuring with liquid detector tubes.