Infustion set for Adults and Pediatrics


    • Vented and Non-Vented
    • With or without injection site (Y-injection site)


    Tube Stripper HS-002

    Tube Stripper HS-002
      • Self-centering roller system keep tubing in position smooth traction for effective stripping of blood components.

      • High quality aluminium alloy, Anti-rust.

      • light weight and sturdy.



      Dual Press

      Dual Press
        •  An automatic blood component extractor allows the operator to process 2 blood units simultaneously
        •  6 sensors in a line for measuring red cell level in the mother bag
        •  When the process finish, device automatically clamp and seal blood tube

        JMS Blood Bag

        JMS Blood Bag
          • Plastic material for JMS Blood Bag have been specially formulated to meet required standards for medical uses.

          • Contain CPD, CPDA-1 anticoagulant solutions and SAGM additive red cell preservation solutions

          • Available in Single Blood Bag, Double  Blood Bag, Triple Blood Bag, and Quadruple  Blood Bag system.

          • The super-thin-wall and ultra-sharp needle assures smooth and comfortable phlebotomy and maximum blood flow.

          Hemoscale AB-50

          Hemoscale AB-50
            • Seesaw motion of the tray assures mixing blood and anticoagulant roughly for any blood bags.

            • Built-in rechargeable battery enables to operate for 12 hours.

            • USB port is available for data export.

            • Moveable display for blood collection.

            • Barcode reader and PC connection are valid.

            • Only 2 kg weight!

            Hemosealer HS-21

            Hemosealer HS-21
              • The portable tube sealer to perform high frequency sealing.

              • Environmentally approved NiMH battery with straight coax cable, light weight.

              • Suitable to use both in donation rooms and donation mobile unit.

              • Sealing time can be adjusted.

              • 500 sealings of fully charged new battery.

              • Microprocessor in the power unit checkes the tubing surface in order to avoid sparks leading to blood leakage.