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Prosept Value Wipes

Prosept® Value Wipes

Prosept® Value Wipes

    PROSEPT Value Wipes is an economical disinfectant wipes for the quick, broad and residue-free disinfection of non-invasive medical devices.

    PROSEPT Value Wipes are economical disinfectant wipes made of tear-resistant fabric. PROSEPT Value Wipes are perfectly suitable for the quick and easy disinfection and cleaning of surfaces of medical devices such as examination tables, dental treatment units, medical appliances and non-invasive instruments. The carefully balanced formulation based on alcohols offers a broad effective spectrum and short contact times even in the presence of high organic contamination such as blood or saliva. The low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC) of less than 50% minimizes skin and breathing problems, provides excellent material compatibility and results in residue-free drying. PROSEPT Value Wipes are free of aldehydes and phenols and are biodegradable. The convenient refill pouches ensure an economical and efficient disinfection.